Tips and Tricks


  • When you press x to inspect something, here are the two different ways to close back out:
        • (1) Press x again
        • (2) Click the x on the upper right corner of the item.
        • (Do NOT use the back button on your internet browser because that will send you out of Gather.Town completely!)
  • Zoom in and out with ctrl + and ctrl –
  • Hold the g key to move through crowds like a ghost
  • Mobile functionality is very limited. Can’t do much more than walk around.


  • Mic/camera off is the suggested default. Each room will have sitting areas to gather and chat in person.
  • Quiet mode allows you to only exchange audio/visuals with people directly next to you.
        • Toggle quiet mode by clicking  your name in the lower center of the screen.
  • Hold the z key to dance!
  • Treat others with empathy and intersectionality. Respect boundaries.
        • If someone is behaving inappropriately, please message me on Instagram (@nexus.outpost)
        • You can block someone by finding their name in the participants list.
        • If behavior becomes a concern, access will have to be limited to a few hours a week when I can actively moderate.